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Vacation 2018 : Corolla, NC


Vacation was much needed this year, and the beach always calls our name! We enjoy going to new places and different beaches each time we go, so this year we decided to check out Corolla, NC.

It was a different vacation as we now have our sweet baby girl – who is 15 months old today! Seriously, vacationing with a 14 month old is NO JOKE. I think we could all use a vacation over again, ha! Kidding. But seriously, it is different, but SO SO SO worth it! Seeing her little face when she saw the ocean was PRICELESS! (Excuse all the caps with this post, but I have to show you my excitement somehow!)

She was reaching for the water and yelling at it. It was too stinkin’ adorable. When her toes hit that sand though, it was another story. Sand just isn’t quite her thing yet.

The pool though! Oh my was she ever excited about the kiddie pool at the hotel. She loved swimming with her daddy. There is nothing quite like watching the two of them together.

Most of our vacation was spent enjoying the sights through our baby girl’s eyes and soaking up each moment. Corolla is absolutely beautiful! This time of year is perfect too because we pretty much had the beach to ourselves! The weather was so pretty – 80’s the whole time!!

We even got to drive on the beach! Whoa, was that ever weird. We vacationed with my parents and let’s just say my mom and I may or may not have been freaking out about driving on the beach. My dad and husband are a little more adventurous than we are and were a little too excited to drive close to the water! Hello! Waves, ocean, and Toyota Four Runner being sucked out never to be seen again. Yes, these were our thoughts exactly.

Vacation is always the best and creates the best of memories! Always take time for it and soak up all of the special moments. Here are a few highlights from our Corolla vacation…

Isn’t it just breathtaking? And look…no crowds!!

(iPhone shots)

Where we nearly died while driving on the beach. Not really, it was actually super cool and so pretty!

That view though. Excuse me while I go pack the house and prepare for our move. Kidding! But maybe one day!

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