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Hi there! Welcome to the blog, a journal about my couples, my business, and some occasional fun personal things. Stay a while and say hello!

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Shayla | State Arboretum of Virginia Senior Session


A few weeks ago I was able to meet Shayla and her mom at the beautiful State Arboretum of Virginia.  This is one of those locations that you simply can’t go wrong with.  Everywhere you turn there are beautiful trees, flowers, rolling hills, fields, and more!

Shayla is a 2019 senior and so ready to embark on the new journey that is ahead of her.  I loved being able to take her senior photos, hear her plans for after high school, and share in this sweet celebration!

Every time I meet with one of my seniors it’s like taking a walk down memory lane – and then I start feeling super old.  Aside from that, it’s such an exciting time and I love seeing their excitement as they enter a new chapter.  A chapter that can be scary, unknown, and thrilling.  A chapter that has endless possibilities and opportunities.

Shayla probably didn’t realize her new chapter would begin with saving her photographer’s life.  Maybe exaggerating, but in my opinion I’m definitely not.

Story time, y’all!

As we were walking down the lane of trees and stone walls, talking and enjoying the pretty day, Shayla stopped me in my tracks when she said, “Snake! There’s a snake!”  What do you know, I was literally inches from stepping on a probably 6 foot black snake!  If you know me, you know I nearly died right there.  I am NOT a fan of snakes.  That snake nearly had my camera on its head.

We all ran back and watching from a distance as the snake made its slithery way across the lane.  Then we hear a lady say, “Oh, you met Molly”.  Excuse me?!  Molly?!  Yes, the employees have apparently named this snake since it comes around frequently!  She also let us know that her offspring were nearby as well.

Let’s just say, Shayla is amazing!  Even after the snake incident and knowing they were lurking nearby, she continued to rock out her senior session.  It gave all of us a good laugh and we left with a newfound friend at the Arboretum, Molly the black snake.

Congratulations sweet Shayla!  I wish you the best on your new journey!


May 24, 2019

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