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Emily and Kris | Virginia Private Residence Wedding


Emily and Kris are married!!

These two had to be one of the sweetest couples that I have ever met – seriously. The love between these two was just so heart warming.

Their wedding day was nothing short of precious and so special. Emily and Kris got married at a private residence in Paris, Virginia. This was not just your every day, back yard wedding. The home was full of so much farmhouse charm and surrounded by the most beautiful fields and trees.

The sun was shining, but was it ever HOT! It was one of the hottest days of the summer, but that did not stop Emily and Kris from embracing and enjoying their best day ever! Kris powered through every photo with his suit jacket on and sweat dripping down his back – he said, “It will look best for photos.” Ladies, get yourself a man that will do whatever it takes for you to have the best photos on your special day! Photos meant so much for Emily and Kris that they didn’t care how hot they were. They were absolutely determined to capture the memories to look back on in years to come.

A Special Request

Leading up to their wedding day, Emily shared with me that she had one request. There were a number of butterfly bushes around the property. If it was possible, she wanted me to capture at least one photo of a monarch butterfly for her. The monarch butterfly was special to her because they reminded her of her mother who had passed away. Her mom’s love was ever present that day as beautiful monarch butterflies swarmed the property. It was truly such an amazing sight to see!

I could not be happier for Emily and Kris. I know that they look forward to a lifetime of SO much happiness together!

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