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Berryville, Virginia Wedding | Anna and Alex


I feel like most of my blog posts for the past year have started out with “due to Covid”. Anybody else feel like the majority of their conversations have started with “Covid”? I’m not alone? Okay, good. Glad we have that cleared up then. Well, it wouldn’t be a blog post in the year we’ve lived in without it so due to Covid, Alex and Anna had to celebrate their special day a little differently than planned. After reschedules and so many uncertainties, they decided to have an intimate ceremony at a beautiful church in Berryville, Virginia.

Surrounded by their immediate families, Anna and Alex finally tied the knot in Berryville, Virginia! It had been a year of many ups and downs and not being sure of what to do next. So finally they said they were ready to be husband and wife and move forward with their special day.

They had a beautiful, traditional Catholic ceremony. They expressed their love for one another and vowed to be together through all of life’s trials. If they’ve made it this far in the midst of planning a wedding during a pandemic, then I’d say they’re on the right track.

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